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It's Mary Grace!


Bettie Page by Irving Klaw (1950’s)

So essentially I’m kicking ass at life right now. I mean, professionally, career-wise. I’m writing really successful pieces, I’m in the middle of at least 3 really fun projects, and I spend 3 days a week in not-New Jersey. People believe in me. People think I’m funny and worthwhile. They’ve started following me on multiple social media outlets. You know.

Oh. And I’m going to be in a photoshoot tomorrow (sorta) so I’m stressing because our fashion editor is style-directing it and she’s looking for a tan/cream sweater and I don’t think I have any other neutral besides black. Let’s be real.

My only thing is, the weather is consistently a nightmare, and I’m always exhausted. ALWAYS. There are small moments where I can go out for drinks, and last night I managed to see St. Vincent, which was probably the highlight of my month. Party.

But for real, everything major is scheduled towards the end of April, and I don’t expect to have a truly fulfilling social life until after graduation in mid-May.

Sigh. The song remains the same.


Lisa Marie as Vampira in Burton's Ed Wood film (1994).

My area keeps getting plummeted with snow and ice cold temperatures, basically killing any fun that could be had.

It’s also killed any possibility of me enjoying my first week back at school. Granted, it’s minimal work, but I did NOT appreciate the amount of walking and threat of frostbite that came with trying to find my classes.

That aside I have to wake up way earlier than my commute into the city requires, and now I’m doing links for ELLE at least 2 days a week. SO, ultimately my internship has me committing myself from 6 am to about…7 pm, when you consider when I wake up, do extra work, and travel time to and from.

Not complaining, I’m very grateful for this opportunity and it’s really, really cool. I just haven’t adjusted yet, physically or otherwise. I’m sure I’ll get there.

Anyway, I keep cycling through different media phases (I’m kind of stuck in a snapchat one currently) but I figured I’d check in and update this. Everything thing else in my life is aggressively fine, I’m just sort of bored, sleepy, anti-sexual and anxious to graduate.

22 year old blonde with a Scarlett O'Hara Complex. Writer by description, editor by occupation.

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